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Cryptonity is a mix of two words: Crypto and Community. Basic, yet stable and considerable is cryptonity’s aim of exchange, which is appear...

Cryptonity is a mix of two words: Crypto and Community. Basic, yet stable and considerable is cryptonity’s aim of exchange, which is appeared by the Cryptocurrency Community. Cryptonity recreation to provide the market probably some of the foremost total, secure, truthful and joint substitute platform.

Cryptonity intends to deliver high-quality vibrations to Crypto World, abusing the "main benefits" technique of common exchange. They will discharge their very own selected token referred to as Cryptonity Token with a XNY ticker. The Cryptonity token might be propelled at first within the Ethereum blockchain. Sooner fairly than later, Cryptonity intend to construct up their very own Blockchain, and can start taking a shot at it immediately after the supply of Token Sale.

The show Cryptonity token (XNY) might be an utility token, and on this method its fee might be identified with its utility. The token will supply investors a half markdown on the Cryptonity Exchange installment. It will likewise allow its owners to take an pastime in such selected highlights as voting in want of the "coin of the month". Making a cryptocurrency substitute is no longer a easy undertaking. Making an substitute that provides a full arrangement of apparatuses and capacities is a lot extra troublesome. Cryptonity is aware of that it's about time loose venture, enthusiasm and diligent work, same to the project are implemented in cryptocurrency exchanges.

In any case, Cryptonity believes that recent cryptocurrency exchanges adding these that have been handy for fairly a whereas might be greater from lots of factors of view. Flawlessness is exceedingly difficult to accomplish, but it we're making an attempt to technique it to the volume we can.

In faded of Cryptonomist team’s journey of utilizing cryptographic earnings as merchants and mineworkers who have been dynamic shoppers of current exchanges, Cryptonomist belief that they have the news and aptitudes principal to make a virtual earnings substitute that merchants have been sitting tight for.


From Cryptonomist perspective, there are two dissimilar courses of virtual earnings exchanges: huge players, from one viewpoint, and adversaries, on the other.

Those whom we abstractly name candidates may no longer care a lot less about their shoppers or shoppers and do no longer seem to be anxious about their unwavering quality. A colossal section of them record each certainly one of the earnings that consent to pay their pricey charges, and that's it. They do no longer partner with their clients, do no longer make any enhancements, (for example, redesigning the UI) and concentrate simply on augmenting their incomes. They are always no longer truthful on the level the place it's as soon as in a whereas troublesome for us to see how a quantity of shoppers can confide in them and draw of their funds on these trades. We think here's on the grounds that a quantity of earnings with a "low cover" are simply accessible on these exchanges.

With respect to the colossal players, we additionally have a high-quality deal of inquiries. Are these agencies genuine? It is stable to assert that they're managed? Do they have plans to assist FIAT? Do they have a monetary balance? Where are they based? Are their levels tremendous sheltered? Is there any safe practices if our funds is stolen? Would we be capable to speak with a person within the speak room? Would we be capable to identify them if there ought to come up an occurrence of a crisis? Also, the rundown is going on. At last, here's associated with the factors of safety and straightforwardness. This is in truth unusually extra dreadful for the colossal players, since they're the theory focus for programmers and hoodlums.

A ebook might be composed about about factors identified with the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies, and these specified above are simply a pair of the no longer insignificant rundown of problems that the market can enhance the situation. In the meantime, cryptonomist understand that the cryptocurrency substitute is associated with lots of factors and dangers. Notwithstanding factors of safety and straightforwardness, cryptonomist additionally see factors identified with shopper encounter, for example, the absence of substitute instruments, inadequate dialect bolster, slight yield forms, et cetera.


Cryptonity endeavors to provide probably some of the foremost far reaching, secure, truthful and shared substitute platform available.
One of the essential thing components of our activity is security. Cryptoniy provides her shoppers probably some of the foremost stable exchanging platform. To accomplish this objective, cryptonity will work with the finest recognized specialists within the discipline of safety available, evaluation NULL occasions each yr by loose safety agencies and document evaluation effects to each certainly one of our clients. Their safety accomplices might be stated on our site. To push ahead, making certain our shoppers probably some of the foremost stable exchanging knowledge, we're capable of construct up a safe practices arrangement to repair our shoppers if there ought to come up an occurrence of misfortunes resulting from an assault. More itemized guide about our safe practices technique you'll find within the segment "Standards of exchange".

Another severe viewpoint is the connection with their clients. It is extra average for us to contain our shoppers within the trend of cryptomity platform. They could have other correspondence channels that might be open for association with our clients, and we're capable of quick react to the solicitations of our clients.

To wrap problems up, Cryptonomist will recreation to grant their shoppers with a entire and ergonomic arrangement of apparatuses for exchanging, adding an expansive quantity of languages.

Criptonity Main Features

A Comprehensive Cryptosystem

- Users might be offered with probably some of the foremost ergonomic and performance buying and selling tools.
- Users with our Criptonity Token (XNY) might be rewarded with the lowest commissions on the market.
- We are planning to grow our own Blockchain and a decentralized switch by way of a software awarded with the participation of our society.

Security & Insurance

- Our shoppers might be presented with probably some of the foremost stable buying and selling platform that works with the finest safety mavens for sale and audited twice a yr by independent safety companies.
- In the occasion of preliminary crypto exchange, losses might be offered to a fuse for return to our users.

A Community Based Tcaret Platform

- The crypto network might be covered within the trend of the platform to meet its wants and demands: positive factors to be developed, earnings to be listed, and so on.
- Responsive multi-lingual buyer service, low wages and fully obvious policy.
- Forklifts, Airdrops, award campaigns and Masternode features.


60 million for Public Token Sales (ICO), 10 million for Airdrop & Bounty programs, 20 million for Cryptonity middle teams, 3 million for consultants, 7 million tokens for coverage purposes. It can also be allocated 60% for platform and function development, 20% for marketing and promotional purposes, 10% for administrative and authorized proceedings and 10% for coverage purposes.

If you want to enroll in Token Sales, you'll must create an account at . After logging in, you possibly can acquire Cryptonity Token (XNY) via Dashboard by clicking ton Invest Now ıyla or ” Purchase XNY Tokens) after the KYC method .

Everyone unless US residents has the proper to perform our Token Sales. Cryptonity Token (XNY) is an ERC20 easy token, so it might be saved in Ethereum-based wallets. We suggest utilizing MyEtherWallet, Mist, or MetaMask. 15 days after the stop of the sale of Token, the Cryptonity Tokens might be distributed on 15 January 2019. If a minimal goal of US $ 500,000 has no longer been reached, refunds might be issued by sensible contract.

Token Distribution

Funds Alocation

Detail Token

Token Abbreviation : XNY
Price : 0.23 Dollars
Total Token : 100 Million
Platform: Ethereum (ERC20)
Softcap : 500 thousand dollars
Hardcap : 20,120,000 dollars
Minimum Investment : 0.05 ETH
Accepted Payment Method : BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC



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