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ArtPro would now not profess to unilaterally clear up all the issues afflicting the art industry. The ArtPro platform, however, will play a...

ArtPro would now not profess to unilaterally clear up all the issues afflicting the art industry. The ArtPro platform, however, will play a great function in aiding the art world to develop into the virtual age, and in democratizing fantastic art for a international audience. ArtPro will function as a platform that connects participants and stakeholders inside the ArtPro ecosystem. The most visual manifestation of this might be the ArtPro site and dApp, which kind an information-rich portal for accessing a whole suite of tools for art aficionados. Education and entry to fresh art are supplied by way of a fluctuate of multimedia tools adding articles, tutorials and videos. Aspiring investors might be guided by way of the basics of appraising and acquiring fantastic art, from first steps to evolved strategies. Most importantly, consumers and dealers are connected, enabling art to be traded all of a sudden utilizing the APT token via the MetaMask browser or in-app wallet.

Art as a shop for health

Art would now not basically shade due to its beauty. Art for of us who desire to make investments for of us who desire to make investments in monetary markets. However, it's hard to point out this segment as a lot as seemingly from imitation, and others treat severe problems.

The largest risk

It appears that 30% of all art gross income are related with FALSE works. Deloitte Finance 2017 Report "authenticity, absence of Provenance, Forged and Attribution" in 2017 "the largest risk to the repute of the art market." These studies present the real photos of this segment.

servant for increase

The on-line art market has now not reached maturity and efforts to promote its increase had been in useless simply due to the fact purchaser issues haven't been addressed. The loss of transparency surrounding conditions and prices, the loss of news handy to teach consumers about art and the reliability of authenticity of a work has averted conversions among browsers and buyers.

Big gross income

ArtPro is a convenient platform that makes use of the numerous benefits of block technology, permitting you to repair belief that has now not existed inside the art business for a lengthy time. Instead of relying on third social gathering authentication, ArtPro represents a consensus mechanism that adds a secure and decentralized system. Providing a secure platform for art grasp buyers, turning the on-line art market right into a enterprise that permits you to purchase and promote unique paintings which are simply examined by way of the internet.

Safe platform

There is now not any difficulty with authenticating paintings - right right here basically unique works are presented, the high caliber supplied by blokchejnom and mental contracts. When you purchase artwork, you acquire recordsdata and good secure transactions.


catalog of handy works
The ArtPro platform deals works from rising and dependent artists. Whether you're a collector or investor, ArtPro has anything for you

Digital certificates kept at the blockchain supply whole origin for every work of art at the ArtPro platform

user twig system
The ArtPro market makes use of a rating gadget to inspire transparency, set criteria for consumers and dealers and inspire confidence

Token APT

PreICO Price 1 APT = 0.1 USD
Value 1 APT = 0.15 USD
Reward Available
Abundance Available
Stage Ethereum
Tolerating ETH
Least enterprise 5 ETH
Delicate ideal 1 APT = 5000000. USD
Hard ideal 1 APT = 20000000. USD
Nation Malta

Whitelist/KYC and Whitelist

Limited territories Afghanistan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burundi, Canada, Central African Republic, China, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Maldives, Mali, Moldova, Montenegro, Myanmar, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia, Serbia, Somalia, South Sudan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Trindad and Tobago, Tunisia, Ukraine, USA, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe

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