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AlphaX is a wholly new generation of crypto-currency primarily founded on Scrypt utilizing a total Proof Of Stake (POS) network. The transa...

AlphaX is a wholly new generation of crypto-currency primarily founded on Scrypt utilizing a total Proof Of Stake (POS) network. The transactions remodeled Alpha-X’s blockchain community are instant, and virtually take region in actual time, they're solely nameless and private, and also are very secure. The whole operation takes region over the Alpha-X decentralised P2P network’s self-governed architecture. Our intention is to make it as nice as digital finances (plastic cards) so that it might probably supply actual time liquidity and utility inside the market.

Alpha-X agenda is to switch the whole face of utility tokens, by utilising blockchain technology to overcome the ancient shortcomings of typical system. When this technology could be blended with an intuitive consumer pleasant interface & gamification, a brand new degree of belief and enthusiasm could be created among the community to construct new confidence and excitement for a brand new era utility ecosystem.

Alpha-X Blockchain features could be following :

Complete Anonymity
It take cares of your monetary privateness in a really strict manner. No one else may even get to recognise about your preserving anymore.

Advanced Security
Alpha-X have an additional layer of encryption, to guarantee its consumer total safety and anonymity in each one and each one transaction.

Negligible Low Fee
Unlike special crypto currencies, now you don’t ought to pay vast transaction fee, inside Alpha-X coin community you don’t ought to pay any third social gathering commission, you disguise your personal community fee.

Decentralised Governance
The governance of Alpha-X coin is democratically distributed inside the arms of all stake holder throughout the network, in a total decentralised manner.

P2P Network
Like special cryptocurrencies, even Alpha-X is primarily founded on peer to peer decentralised center network, but is a lot forward in each one angle in contrast to its fresh community with its destiny developed technical approach.

Mission & Vision

From Marketing perspective, beginning from the very small shopkeeper to whole international market value of billions and trillions of bucks works on fairly basic binary of marketing, DEMAND & SUPPLY.

As all of us recognise if the Demand is increased than Supply, charge rises. Else if viceversa, it crashes. Hence to carry those equilibrium, even a cryptocurrency ought to have liquidity to fulfil the supply, while a utility techniques to generate demand.

Alpha-X Ecosystem

The revenue distributed by means of probably some of the foremost important chain inside the ICO are Alpha-X coin, it’s a POS primarily founded cryptocurrency and therefore is fairly fast, safe and anonymous, so we intend to populate it as Utility Coin, by means of which we'll growth the utility proposition over the market and at proper time, even we are able to integrate point-of-sale (POS) over AX

This could be created at later stage utilizing the ICO finances of AX, it could be released as a international cryptocurrency exchange, with the purpose to supply additional and additional liquidity in special Fiat-Crypto pairs. The venture is to get upto a hundred plus pairs of fiat foreign money and make the change reachable spherical the globe, to everyone.

A pale weight interface the position all of the similar sports will take place, the position consumer can positioned its coin and will spend every time and anyplace required.

An on-line marketplace to convey the traders and patrons closers. Here the engaging traders can promote their item immediately to the patrons with Alpha-X coins

Alpha-X have an agenda to supply true liquidity to its users, spherical the globe , spherical the clock. Any one could purchase or promote Alpha-X in his locality at any time with out any problem. We have meant to supply AX debit playing cards as properly and integrate it with level over sale.

A decentralised QT pockets for Windows, Mac and Linux users for storing, sending , receiving and minting new Alpha-X coin. Here the consumer will grasp his personal keys and therefore its probably some of the foremost securest strategy to grasp your revenue with yourself.


The basic objective of the Alpha-X Eco system, with its AX Coins, is to carry all merchandise and companies utilizing crypto-currencies and AX Coin, despite the recent banking and financial system. In addition we'll thoroughly handle the revenue and totally utilise it for speedy transactions.

- Multi-Currency Wallet
- Multi-Currency Debit Card
- User Friendly Exchange And Trading Platform
- Worldwide Marketplace

Infomation Token

Token: AX
Private Pre sale price: 1 AX = 0.05 USD
Open Pre sale price : 1 AX = 0.07 USD
Price ICO: 1 AX = 0,1 USD
Payment: BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC



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