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Probably everyone, who at the very least as soon as was interested within the query of mining, doubted regardless of even if it's one o...

Probably everyone, who at the very least as soon as was interested within the query of mining, doubted regardless of even if it's one of the best to interact on this variety of process or not. After all, now sales is much from the only that was before, cloud mining is giving up its position. In 2017, there was much of speak round this topic, there was a vast hype. Because of the rabid demand, B / W video playing cards rate as new from the store, and new ones are 3-5 occasions extra than the manufacturer’s advised price. And of us bought.

But simply due to the very fact it became out, mining can also be now not a magic tablet. Equipment breaks down, consumes a number of electricity, and nonetheless requires fixed care, cleaning, fire safety systems.Naturally, simply due to the very fact those techniques are usually now not as profitable as before, of us ought to seem for special opportunities so as to earn. Just on the wave of this demand, and seemed SECURIX. This challenge deals crypto-enthusiasts a special seem on the recent problem.

Our aim is to make Blockchain and cryptographic technology easy and handy to a broader audience. We desire a product that's easy and understandable. It is as easy as shopping for our SRXIO token and having fun with a passive month-to-month output share.

Our mining operation has tangible assets. This protects you from publicity to vast crypto valuation swings, meaning you'll find a way to very likely earn a stable passive sales with little to no wisdom concerning the complicated underlying technology. With our tokens, you're entitled to a month-to-month output in crypto from our Bitcoin mining operation.

Our token deals you entry to our mining provider and, in turn, grants you the rights to a percent of our whole mined bitcoins (“gross mining revenue”) each one month. As lengthy as you're the proprietor of the tokens, our wise contract will move a component to the gross mining sales in Ether in your pockets each one month.

What Is Securix Crypto Mining?

Securix seeks to introduce a brand new cryptocurrency mining methodology that may see investors earn a passive sales with out having to fear concerning the volatility related with the cryptocurrency market. The platform is lately primarily founded in Europe, Holland, The Netherlands.

The Netherlands was selected simply due to the very fact the headquarters as it's properly recognized for its consensus on all subjects to do with economics and politics. As a result, the position was selected primarily founded on 4 predominant considerations: scalability, strategic placement, security, and safety.

In order to assure that the manufacturer might be capable to acquire the ambitious aims that they have set, the manufacturer workers members, as properly as its management, are all primarily founded in a single country. This capability that they're all working and dwelling within the Netherlands, the position the mining operations are based.

The one factor that makes the manufacturer stand out from the relaxation is the actuality that it has a exceptionally vested and committed group of founders. This is a actuality that has considered it surpass the aims that it had set out in its roadmap while it was beginning its journey. So far, the manufacturer has been capable to improve its energy as properly as infrastructure.


The Netherlands/Holland is properly recognized for its consensus items in politics and economics. Our option for the mining position is primarily founded on 4 considerations: strategic placement, safety, safety and scalability.


To assure a hit execution of its ambitious industry goals, the company's management and workers members are dwelling and working within the similar nation simply due to the very fact the mining operation: the Netherlands. With a exceptionally committed and vested group of founders, Securix is already forward of its roadmap, having upgraded their infrastructure and electricity.



- EAN 2 EAN sustainable electricity
- Token buyback and burn program
- No mining contract, life time Token
- Token pushed gross sales output
- Physical mining operation, no cloud mining
- Our Token worth is backed via tangible assets

Securix Monthly Investment Strategy

The month-to-month investment technique lately in position is one that's anticipated to end end effect in upper token output as properly as increased token value. It accommodates of NULL predominant strategies:

Repurchase of SRXIO tokens from the crypto market and the eventual burning of those tokens New hardware purchases as properly as an uplift of the manufacturer centers and present infrastructures.

Token With A Monthly Payout
It would now not subject regardless of even if you're a seasoned cryptocurrency investor or a budding enthusiast. The wise contract tokens positioned in position via Securix ensures which you simply gets to acquire a gross sales from the cryptocurrency mining operations being executed within the Netherlands. As such, it capability that everybody stands to advantage from this specific industry model.

Token Value Backed By Assets

The Securix token worth is lately blanketed via the numerous heaps of mining machines which might be lately operating within the Netherlands facility. For each one token that's sold, 0.85 cents move toward the acquire of recent hardware, as properly as upgrading the electric infrastructure. It is very vital to word that every one token in uncomplicated terms charges 1USD.

What this capability is that the Securix token is backed via the belongings already received within the mining facility. It also capability that every one token has a real-life market worth of 0.85 USD cents.

Securix SRXIO Token ICO Details

Token Symbol: SRXIO
Token Price: $1.00USD = 1 Token
Accepted Payment Method: BTC, BCH, ETH, USD/EUR/XMR
Token Standard: ERC20
ICO Round 1: Aug 04 – Sep 06 / 30% Bonus
ICO Round 2: Sep 07 – Sep 19 / 20% Bonus
ICO Round 3: Sep 20 – Sep 30 / 15% Bonus
ICO Round 4: Oct 01 – Oct 07 / 10% Bonus
ICO Round 5: Oct 08 – Oct 15 / 7.5% Bonus
ICO Round 6: Oct 16 – Oct 23 / 5% Bonus
Main ICO: Oct 24 – Oct 31 / 0% Bonus

Supported via mavens of their fields, we're a workers of blockchain experts, industry specialists, IT developers, economists and investment professionals with a few many years of blended experience. What we've collectively is a interest for industry and blockchain technology. Our merchandise are primarily founded on honesty, sustainability and projection Realistic income. Our team's each one day focus simplifies and introduces extra of us to the international of blockchain technology and deals methods to create passive income.

Token Distribution

Funds Alocation


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