ITCM - The first token ensured with square meters of real estate

This is the primary cryptocurrency inside the world, secured by an actual estate. Tokens are created at the Ethereum platform. Tokens are o...

This is the primary cryptocurrency inside the world, secured by an actual estate. Tokens are created at the Ethereum platform. Tokens are obtained by all investors whose money safe the construction tasks of the ITC Group inside the territory of the Customs Union.

About ITC Group

ITC Group is a world cooperative group, making it simple for everybody to absolutely obtain entry to the buy of its own housing. Without banks, without guarantors, for minimal cost, with minimal risks, with the risk of a soft substitute of 1 facility to another, without territorial restrictions.

ITC Group, by implementing the blockchain-technology machine and a single crypto foreign money by capacity of cooperative programs, adds the proprietor of the tokens with the chance to take pleasure in high-level protection, the chance to profitably achieve actual property throughout the world, as properly as to achieve any ITC Market items at a good deal expense and with an creative cash-back. This creative cooperative application permits receiving ITCM (ITC Money) tokens by the capacity of the cost of club fees.  Funds from the application implementation are used for the construction of own pattern projects, the buy of apartments from third-party developers, the implementation of the "My Apartment - My House" program, as properly as for the tasks for the production of its own products, implemented at the ITC Market platform. The situation of tokens is executed in proportion to the boom of ITC Group's property instantly attached to the implementation of cooperative programs, or by the direct move of “Etherium” to the deal with of the pockets belonging to the "Innovative Technologies of Cooperation" Consumer Accumulative Cooperative at the Etherium platform.

The technique of this application technique consists in a fully obvious and authorized solution to the situation and safety of the ITCM token when a token offered at a crypto substitute is dispatched to enforce a trading plan, and a token supplied with a property of a world cooperative staff ITC is indexed at the exchange.

Problems and solutions

We are dwelling inside the epoch of data and the Internet, so it's now not a mystery that financial crises aren't accidental: they're made intentionally. Here’s what occurs ... First, banks reduce hobby rates, making loans available, stimulating consumption, which results in financial growth. Then the hobby fee is raised, which makes loans extra dear and much less affordable, ensuing in a reduction in consumption. Enterprises lose sales and start to chop expenses – and the staff is the primary who will suffer. People, who took loans throughout the strong financial period, develop into unemployed, and, as a result, they can't repay the banks and lose their property.

Everywhere we will pay attention to breaking data concerning the financial crisis, the decline in financial indicators, etc. The historical past repeats itself each 7-10 years: of us lose their hard-earned property, and banks get superprofits, catching of us on this financial “mousetrap” the place they got ensuing from their high consumption. In our case, the shopper receives now not basically favorable conditions for the acquisition of actual estate, which make the buy of actual property handy to everyone, but in addition safety from the recent financial trends.

ITC Group is a world cooperative staff presenting you a chance to buy your individual rental for a higher expense and with minimal risks, without banks and guarantors. You can substitute one actual property facility for one other without any territorial restrictions.

The issue of ITCM is implemented by cooperative programs

“My Apartment - My Home”
every time when a participant of the program makes the first deposit or a monthly payment, it gradually buys out its property, while a smart contract produces ITCM tokens in accordance with the current exchange rate. Thereby, the cryptocurrency goes on sale already secured. Also, paying for real estate with tokens, a participant of the program gets a discount on the property in the amount of up to 3% and the reduction of the annual interest rate for installments for up to 1%, which means significant benefits, as well as additional demand ITCM on the exchange.

“Saving program”
is a program for accumulation for the first payment with monthly payments. The special feature of the program is an average interest income of up to 8% annually, which accelerates the accumulation process. Due to the receipt of funds, the smart contract results to the issue of secured ITCM tokens.
“ITCM program”
is a program for the purchase of tokens. The funds received from the participants are spent on construction and purchase of real estate facilities. They are also spent on the production of goods within the framework of the ITC Market platform. Buying products with ITCM, a buyer receives a discount of up to 3%, which ensures a constant exchange demand for ITCM.

The benefits of this program include the following:

- Simplicity and accessibility in real estate acquisition, through a number of formalities related to loans.

- Cheap real estate prices.

- The impossibility of temporary property alienation in cooperative ownership.

- The possibility of getting a loan without interest from a cooperative.

- Cooperatives can expand program capabilities, improve conditions, and create new benefits for shareholders.

Token & ICO Detail

Name of token - ITCM
ITCM is a smart ERC20 contract, run on the Ethereum network.

from 06.10.2018 to 05.04.2019
1 ITC Money = $ 0.017
The maximum token release is 15,000,000,000 ITCM
Starting from October 6, the token price will increase by 1% per day.

You can pay for the purchase of ITCM tokens on Ethereum or with a credit card. There are bonus programs for investors.


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