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technological advances are increasingly advanced and modern is inevitable again. with the advancement of the era will make human life better...

technological advances are increasingly advanced and modern is inevitable again. with the advancement of the era will make human life better and profitable. one such advancement is in the field of online trading business. the online shop is now a requirement of every individual. many places can be used as a medium for marketing goods such as social media, e-commerce marketplace and so forth.

in line with the increasingly widespread buying and selling online, of course, more and more shipping expedition goods to send orders made by the buyer so up to survive in the hands of the buyer. one of the crypto projects that implement delivery platform with the use of blockchain technology is shipit.

get to know the shipit platform

shipit is a unique and revolutionary delivery service in the future with the use of blockchain technology. at least more than 2.5 million clients will join the project. and about 120 countries will be a prospect of shipit and a huge opportunity of $ 340 million will be the revenue of eco-delivery services.

shipit will send a packet quickly in a very unique way without using a courier. shipit will take advantage of a traveler as a courier and you can choose who will go to your place to send the goods while vacationing. thereby reducing shipping costs incurred in each shipment. posts can be tracked using the mobile app and you can set who gets the package.

How Shipit works

shipit will verify each user and monitor all shipments as well as ensure every safe delivery until the destination. the shipping process will be done very quickly and below is shipit delivery scheme:

delivery service issues

there are some common problems that you need to know and some of them like this:
1. Expensive cost
the current delivery service charge is quite expensive when wanting to send goods abroad. very expensive operational costs caused by the payment of courier services, thousands of employees, machinery and other support equipment to deliver the goods.

2. delivery time
the next problem is the old delivery time. and not infrequently also packets are still in the delay until verified. many procedures that must be passed until the package is allowed out. moreover, sometimes delivery service still using third party service so that cause time of delivery even longer.

3. Delivery is lost or damaged
the risk of loss can also arise due to loss of delivery and undetectable, not to mention if items sent are fragile as they pass through many places and many checks. with the loss or damage of the shipment in addition to making the customer, a loss also leads to customer disappointment.

excess shipit

shipit is the first delivery service platform that uses blockchain technology and smart contracts. with the use of these technologies, of course, all transactions are made with transparent, safe and easy to track.

a very high-security level is applied to this platform so that packets can be delivered safely to the user's hand. the senders and travelers who want to send the package to the destination must also complete the very strict requirements so that shipit is very safe for everyone.

the smart contract is the most modern security solution today. all transactions that are processed by an intelligent contract can be stored in blockchain and cannot be deleted by anyone.

shipit will help build an online trading chain that allows all customers to get the desired goods from abroad without complicated.

Safe delivery of shipit platform

system security is very important in shipping in order to run smoothly and quickly and the package also arrives at the recipient's hands safely. all international shipping processes will also be tightened and taken into account. all shipments will go through the procedure and there will be no activity violating the shipping rules and regulations. some of the security applied to plat shiprom is as follows:

- Original photo
- Multi-Factor Verification
- Smart Goods Monitoring
- Netverify the verification service
- smart messages
- step by step guide
- guaranteed delivery
- secure shipping security

Key Features of Shipit Platform

1. No need to pay customs tax
2. responsible approach of C2C, B2C, B2B
3. More affordable than express delivery
4. personal communication
5. less bureaucracy
6. security
7. consumption of collaboration and economic sharing

Token detail

Shipit Token Tokens allow users to pay for Shipit app services. 100% of SHPT are to be emitted before the start of fundraising campaign. All unsold tokens are going to be burnt.
Type Utility
Standard ERC20
Symbol SHPT
Total Tokens 500 000 000
Hard Cap $ 24 000 000
Soft Cap $ 3 000 000
Price $ 0.1
We accept ETH BTC LTC
Further emission No
Usability Using tokens in Shipit app will be available as stated in the Whitepaper & Roadmap.

Token Distribution

Funds Alocation


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