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Hi, meet again with me here who still no tired to discuss the world of crypto. On this occasion, we will discuss a very phenomenal crypto in...

Hi, meet again with me here who still no tired to discuss the world of crypto. On this occasion, we will discuss a very phenomenal crypto in recent times that is a crypto that was born by Russian star Olga Buzova. To find out more about the project of this famous artist let's look carefully at the following ICO article reviews.

Who is Olga Buzova?

Olga Buzova is a famous multi-talented artist with a myriad of achievements such as TV Presenter on TNT Channel since 2014, Host since December 2018 as well as a very professional business news carrier. In addition, in 2016 expanded its wings to become a solo career singer. The song that was brought by Olga Buzova became hits and managed to be in top Russian iTunes.

A little surprising that Olga Buzova is a blogger in Russia. He also has an Instagram account with subscriber up to 13 million and continues to grow. Olga is also an actress who starred in a movie with the title of the bartender. With the popularity of Olga Buzova, many are recommending it to participate in sponsoring world-renowned companies and brands. In addition, the fame of Olga was finally invited to become the core team of the blockchain project. Olga Buzova decided to create an online platform that combines communications services and the BUZAR market and also released a BUZCOIN as its own cryptocurrency.

Get to know BUZAR

How many applications and platforms do most people use today? It must be very much and no one can imagine if life without any social network like Facebook or Vkontakte, all kinds of messenger like Skype and Viber even to telegram and some streaming service. Now with the advent of BUZAR, you no longer need to move from one application to another application, everything has been combined into one platform and become the essence of everything that most used every day by the users. BUZAR is quite easy, you just need to buy the project token and install the application alone can enjoy BUZAR.

How does buzar work?

Buzar combines the two trends between platforms that are unfolding new platforms in the internet world and the functionality of universal communications platform and P2P communications platform.

With buzar you will be able to enjoy various features in one such app
1. Social networking to create a community or group, personal page, organization page and so on just as social networking
2. Messenger that can be used to exchange text messages, calls and video calls
3. Community with encrypted channels so your message becomes anonymous
4. Implementation of the model "app in app" which is a direct access to hundreds of enterprise services and applications through BUZAR
5. Data communications so you can send files, photos, and documents to your friends or partners.
6. Music services that can store, reproduce and post audio files online. And any copyright owner posting their content will get paid.
7. Video hosting and streaming that will embed the uploaders of video content and with their copyright, will get paid for their video usage
8. The event that allows you to buy concert tickets and other events

What is buzcoin?

Buzcoin is the cryptocurrency used for transactions on the buzar platform. And buzkoin tokens are the essence of the buzar ecosystem. Buzcoin was formed using the ehtereum blockchain platform with the standard ERC20 tokens. Buzcoin itself will be released as many as 100,000,000 tokens without taking into account bonuses.


  • April 2018 : PreICO
  • June-September 2018 : Initial token offering (ICO)
  • September 2018 : Generation and distribution of tokens
  • 4th quarter 2018 : Drafting technical tasks, purchase of equipment and software development
  • 1th quarter 2019 : Testing of the first services of the platform: ticket sales, beta version of the Bulletin Board, loyalty programs
  • 2th quarter 2019 : Testing the mobile version of the platform
  • 2th quarter 2019 :The launch of messenger, text messages and mobile versions of the platform
  • 2th quarter 2019 : The launch of the B2C and C2C segments of Super marketplace
  • 2th quarter 2019 : Adding audio calls to the messenger
  • 2th quarter 2019 : Introduction of the online stores to the platform.
  • 2th quarter 2019 : Launching the program to reward participants for actions on the platform
  • 3th quarter 2019 : Integration into instant messenger p2p payments
  • 3th quarter 2019 : Running on the platform of video hosting and streaming
  • 3th quarter 2019 : Adding video calls to the messenger
  • 3th quarter 2019 : Activation of group buying
  • 4th quarter 2019 : Testing the beta version of the «app in the app»
  • 4th quarter 2019 : Starting a recruiting application
  • 4th quarter 2019 : Running the app to search for realty
  • 4th quarter 2019 :  The implementation of a new model «app in the app»
  • The beginning of 2020 : The launch of the B2B segment of Super marketplace. Further development and expansion


Exchange rate for token sale : 1 BUZ = 0,1 USD in ETH
Minimum amount of participation : 10 USD in ETH
Token Availability : For ETH contributions will be distributed immediately
Hard Cap : 210 mln USD in ETH
Emission of tokens : BUZ tokens are created after transaction
Public token pre-ico : 18 April 2018 — 18 May 2018
Public token sale : 18 June 2018 — 16 Sept 2018
Period of the token sale : ICO will run for 90 days or until the hard cap is reached
Platform : Ethereum ERC20

Token distribution


Official Link

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