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what should you're a passenger and ought to wait very lengthy on the airport, or worse should you had been ready for a lengthy time but ...

what should you're a passenger and ought to wait very lengthy on the airport, or worse should you had been ready for a lengthy time but your flight delayed? unquestionably lots of you assume it might be higher should you use your ready time to relaxation like siesta or watch films and hear to music. to reply that, now comes an ico venture that may meet your needs.

Airpod is being built utilizing glossy cutting-edge Technologies and in addition conserving in thoughts concerning the relief and privateness of the user. The airport can also be absolutely able with Wi-Fi, contact display monitor, air condition, sound aid technology, privateness blinds in a wise glass, temper lighting and anti-stress program.

Airpod with Blockchain Technology
Blockchain can also be used to grow a DApp ( Decentralized Application Platform) System that may assist in management, financial evaluation and manage the Airport units. and what makes it extra lovely is that the entire device can also be obvious on the blockchain ecosystem. Airdrop tokens can also be brought to employ the airpods.

There are extra than 666.400.000 transit passengers each yr and the quantity is growing. Transit passengers understand that ready for the flight may be actually uncomfortable. AirPod Sleeping Pod is fixing those issues with tablet units, which can also be put on all essential global airports.
Some of the beneficial properties AirPods have:
free and high caliber entry to Wi-Fi,
working desk,
anti-stress technology (visual, sound and smell experience),
power sockets for charging cellular devices,
an alarm clock on your subsequent flight,
self-disinfection system,
safe storage.

Passengers will take pleasure in the high-tech personal sets spending time whereas relaxing, working, sleeping or having fun. AirPod defines the sets because the state of the art merchandise the place tourists discover what they want or even more. Team members have the nice technique as effectively experience, so in a quick period, passengers will start to take pleasure in their personal house in all essential global airports. The group also focuses on the establishment of partnerships that may foster the utilities, trade and the distribution of the sets round the world.

Why Airpod Project Is Worth it
10.000+ probably AirPod Locations Worldwide
Backed via Real Business Economy running on Blockchain
Self-Expanding Business Economy supported via Crypto Infrastructure
Working prototype
Distribution Partner
Revenue movement Token
Profit sharing Relation in 2nd, 3rd Stage
Real Product

Token Model
The token is linked immediately to company’s sales stream.
APOD Token is a important gasoline for AirPod renting companies and AirPod platform services. With time, APOD Token will change into a important fluid of self-sustainable financial system on AirPod platform, permitting their holders to order, reserve or “lease” AirPod services. By utilizing those tokens we’re sure we are able to meet our objectives.
Primary objective of APOD Token is to make the most of the renting activity of AirPods sets and to supply a spine to an inside AirPod financial system model. As a natural utility token, it adds an entry to AirPod companies and permits a utilization of AirPod units.

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