Biometrids - Decentralised identity by facial recogniting on the blockchain

The development of technology can not be denied growing rapidly. One of them looks at the security of technology, in addition to using the...

The development of technology can not be denied growing rapidly. One of them looks at the security of technology, in addition to using the code or even prints so for the security system was still there again one security technology enough to get the attention of the security system by using the face.
One developer who uses a solution for security systems and can identify problems in the life aspects of biometrids which biometrids have already adopted blockchain technology.

Biometrids present by utilizing smartphone which is for now almost all have the gadget. With a smartphone that has built-in camera will be used as a facial recognition for security systems. Biometrids itself has a one face motto, one ID with which it is no longer possible that the name of manipulation of identity data on blockchain. And hopefully with the presence of this latest technology will be able to suppress identity theft.
Platform BiometridsBy utilizing advances in artificial intelligence, biometrids make a facial identifier that can be used as an individual identifier. Not just ordinary identification but biometrids are able to identify individuals ranging from childhood to old age to unchanging facial contours.
And with the use of the blockchain platform, whenever an individual or company wants to identify, you will get an identification request which will be sent to your smartphone in order to identify yourself.
System BiometridsBiometrids has a platform which is expected to benefit the blockchain project or other cryptocurency projects. Not only that biometrids will also be expected to apply to the financial sector, post, wallet and also other public sectors that will benefit from the existence of this biometrids project.
Wallet developers should also integrate the API biometrids with their wallets to replace the incoming process that may be currently a little inconvenient for its users.
Use of BiometridsThe use of biometrids can be used for any purpose concerning the security and identity issues of a person for example the following.The main application of biometrids is an application of identity tool creation that can not be manipulated. And ID biometrids can verify a person's identity so that it can increase your confidence with other parties.
Car RentalLots of cheats found when doing car rentals. With danya biometrids, it certainly can allow car rentals to quickly verify their customers who want to do lease transactions. Just by scanning the faces of their customers, the tenant can already know their identity and their history or records.
Delivery PackageMany also found delivery packages that are not arrived at or taken away by the person who actually owns the package. And with these biometrids the package sender or courier can check the identity of the packet recipient.

Token SaleBiometrids has a token that is symbolized IDS that will be used for all transactions.IDS itself has a total of 100,000,000 tokens that will be on offer to the following sections.1. Pre-ICO as much as 5%2. Bounties and advisors as much as 5%3. Crowdsale 70%4. Team allocation of 10%5. Foundation as much as 10%For more details can be seen in the following graph.

Pre-ico and also crowdsale will continue to run until the end date or until all the coins are sold.

That's a little review about these biometrids. Hope to give you some information. And if this information is deemed insufficient, you can see it on the official website of biometrids or in some links that have been provided below.
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