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The development of the virtual world can not be denied progress very quickly and rapidly. Especially when discussing about blockchain, it c...

The development of the virtual world can not be denied progress very quickly and rapidly. Especially when discussing about blockchain, it certainly will never end. On this occasion, we will discuss one project which is a virtual smart with a blockchain base. This one new project called BLOCKv.

As mentioned above, BLOCKv is the foundation for a blockchain-based virtual goods economy. By using blockchain, it certainly can support cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, EOS and other crypto currencies. BLOCKv is very possible to develop and distribute intelligent objects more interactive and fast. BLOCKv calls the intelligent object with the name vAtom (Virtual Atom). With a virtual atom it will be able to cause cryptocurrency to be more dynamic so it looks more alive.

Already seen very clearly, no matter what obstacles to the virtual goods economy continues to grow very rapidly. This is due to the following factors
1. Digital object experiments are generally trapped inside the silo wallet
2. They are not really in possession
3. Lack of interoperability with real world trade.

BLOCKv can provide developers with building blocks to design the economy and provide a better experience in the future as well as to open up opportunities that can generate new revenue for this growing business. With the BLOCKv platform it is possible to create highly intelligent and very fast digital objects to explore the digital world and the real world. Need to know that digital objects are very important for humans. It can be seen from the development of in-game goods, digital cards, books and digital music and exchange of goods using social networking.

Above was already explained what is vAtom or virtual atom and the following is what is virtual atom in depth.
Virtual atom itself is divided into two characters namely the characteristic part of cryptocurrency, and the other characteristic BLOCKv. The characteristics of cryptocurrency are finite, autentic, transferable, possessable, and traceable. While in the characteristic BLOCKv there artificial intelligence, network aware, redeemable, combinable, and programable.
For more details you can see it in the following picture.

BLOCKv is divided into 6 parts ie
marketplace, exchange
BLOCKv can make purchases, sales and also can trade vAtoms.
Secondly, BLOCKv uses an open engine platform so it can interact and look into vAtom
With the registry can certainly create, organize and manage vAtoms
Is the main component that will make vAtoms become more alive and also has entered the notification and real-time
Already integrated with blockchain
Bitcoin, ehtereum, EOS and so forth
BLOCKv using blockchain can support a lot of digital currencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, EOS and other digital currencies.

BLOCKv targets for crowdsale to reach $ 40 milion with $ 20 coming from presale. All tokens will be supplied into 4 parts and using ehtereum ERC20 as follows.
35% will be allocated to contributors, 25% will be provided for incentives from developers, 25% more to companies, contributors and advisors. And while for 15% will be locked for 6 years which will encourage innovation and health of ecosystem.

That's some information about BLOCKv that I can give on this opportunity. Hope can give you information. And apabilsa still less clear, you can see it directly on the official website BLOCKv as well as in some links that I have prepared the following.

“Disclaimer: Please be aware of the fact, that a Contribution within the TGE (Token Generation Event) is not a form of investment, but a Contribution into a Smart Contract System for the generation VEE. VEE are only for use in connection with the BLOCKv Project under the terms of the Smart Contract System and only constitute a transferable representation of attributed functions specified in the Smart Contract System. Ownership of VEE carries no rights express or implied other than a limited right (license), which enables the creation and consumption of virtual goods and the utilization of the BLOCKv Platform, if and to the extent the BLOCKv Project has been successfully completed and launched. In particular, Participants in the TGE understand and accept that VEE do not represent or constitute any ownership right or stake, share or security or equivalent rights nor any right to receive future revenues, shares or any other form of participation or governance right in or relating to the BLOCKv Project and/or BLOCKv AG.”


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