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ArtPro - The Art of blockchain

ArtPro would now not profess to unilaterally clear up all the issues afflicting the art industry. The ArtPro platform, however, will play a...

Alpha X - The Innovation in Decentralised Marketplace

AlphaX is a wholly new generation of crypto-currency primarily founded on Scrypt utilizing a total Proof Of Stake (POS) network. The transa...

Cryptonity - The Crypto Community Exchange

Cryptonity is a mix of two words: Crypto and Community. Basic, yet stable and considerable is cryptonity’s aim of exchange, which is appear...

Tanzo - The Social Marketplace for Homemade Goods Blockchain Based

Do no longer deny that modern society has these days turn out to be extra valued merchandise created by hand. The price of such pieces is v...

ITCM - The first token ensured with square meters of real estate

This is the primary cryptocurrency inside the world, secured by an actual estate. Tokens are created at the Ethereum platform. Tokens are o...

Instant Access Medical - The point of consensus

iAM ’s personal care checklist platform solves international matters inside the healthcare trade utilizing Blockchain technology. iAM’s pla...

FUTURE ENERGY - Mining that benefits the environment

The “ASIC revolution” within the technology used for bitcoin-mining is ready to come to an end. ASIC’s chip structure for mining is coming ...

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